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“Cyborg Sex”: The Real-Life Intersection of Sex and Bionics

The future of sex is bionics. From Jason X  to Jaime Sommers (“Bionic Woman”) to Adam from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, the cyborg body has long been a subject of intrigue in science fiction and horror. Although cyborgology may seem worlds away from the realm of possibility, continual developments in bionical creativity engineering, or bionics, such as … Continue reading

Horror Movie Analysis

Human Murals, Human Honeycombs, and Human Centipedes—Oh, My! : Body Modification Surgeries in 21st-Century Horror

A week after the Season Two finale of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller’s delicious television adaptation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon, I found myself restarting the series from the beginning with my mom – who, after adamantly rejecting the show for its “gratuitous scenes of torture as entertainment,” finally conceded. If you haven’t jumped on the Hannibal … Continue reading